September 15, 2017
3 months and 18 days left
until our reunion.
We’ve been looking for you!
So glad you found us!
Welcome to the McKeesport Senior High School Class of 1977 website!
This site was created by the 2017 Reunion Committee, it's still in its infancy so check back often for updates. We plan to keep the site up for years to come and hope it becomes the new “ info hub” for Class news & events.  Events like the:
 CLASS of 1977
40th REUNION !
September 15 & 16 2017
 It's a big one this year! It's time to reconnect after 40 long years! Now that we’ve found each other, technology gives us lots of ways to stay connected. We can now end out event email blasts to all who register on this site. there are links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Email (icons on each page) so feel free to spread the word. Use the easy “Tell a Friend” link to let friends know about!
As a side note, please know that we want all classmates from 1977 to attend our Class events. You may not have offically ”graduated” with the Class, or may have only attend MHS for a short time but by all means please join us!
If we spent time with you in 1977 we want to reconnect with you in 2017!  

  For those of you who'd like a road map to the site, below is a brief description of each page, and a sneak peek at pages to come. The website is dynamic and may not look exactly the same all the time. The pages can be turned on or off based on our needs.
Welcome Page:
Your first stop for any Class information, announcements, updates & news. This page will be updated periodically and dated each time information is added or changed.
Reunion Details:
At this time, the details of our 40th Reunion can be found here. (Woo Hoo! We hope to see you there!) The page title may change, but details for future events can always be found here.
Traveling Tigers:
If you are in need of hotel accomodations, we have secured a special rate for our 40th Reunion. You can book your room directly from this page using the Acommodations link.
Reunion Tickets:
Tickets to the 40th Reunion events can be purchased on this page. You may purchase them online by  credit card or offline with cash or check. Since the events are catered we do need an accurate headcount for food. Purchasing your tickets early helps us out tremendously. If something comes up and you cannot attend, we can give you a full refund,  electronically or otherwise, prior to August 31, 2017.
By creating a profile you are registering yourself on our Class List thus giving us your contact information. Email will be the primary means of connecting with the Class, as well as Facebook. Be on the lookout for event posters around town, check out the McKeesport Giant Eagle for sure!
Photo Albums:
Enjoy a blast from the past! Several photo albums were created  giving all of us the opportunity  upload and share our pictures. It’s easier than it sounds!
Hot Tip: For really old pics, use your phone to take a picture of your picture, now you can share it!
If you care to make a monetary donation to the Class we would most certainly love you forever!  You may do so anonymously or share your good deed with the world!
We are working to get this page up and running. Businesses will be able to sponsor our class by advertising on our site. It’s a win –win!
Your opportunity to write whatever you think & feel!  Any and all feedback is welcomed!
Future Pages to Come
Who’s Coming?:
Once the Reunion ticket sales gets underway we will turn on this page so everyone can see who is attending. Cool, huh?
In Memoriam:
We are working on transfering our current In Memoriam list into the website. The list we work from is verified before names are entered into the site.  That said, we are not always aware of those Classmates that we have lost. This site allows any member of our Class to enter names of those you may know have passed. The names submitted are held for verification before being posted on the In Memoriam page. Therefore, do not expect the names you submit to appear right away. In order to continue to treat this listing with the utmost dignity and respect, we ask that you do not make any entries based on hearsay or rumors.
Contact Us & FAQs:
Shortly we will have a contact name and email for this website. As questions arise we will build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page as well.
The “3 hour tour” has ended! You are free to roam about the website.
Looking forward to seeing you in September!!!
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